Hard hitting journalism, credible sources, ground breaking stories…  we are none of that!   If you want the same old sports news that everyone else talks about, then head over to ESPN or NBC Sports.  We are a different breed.  We are the world wide leaders in WTF sports news.  We are       The Skreed


Got a random funny sports pic? Have a good sports tip? Got Shoes?

Want to exploit yourself in sports jersey?

Send all your photos to: feedtheskreed[at]gmail[dot]com



By sending us photos, you have given the right of The Skreed to edit and/or alter any submission. We reserve the right not to use the submission at all and/or to use as much or as little of the submission as it chooses.



All images on this website (theskreed.wordpress.com) are either submitted to The Skreed by email or easily available on the Internet and are believed to be in the public domain. We are a non-profit organization who uses images for educational entertainment purposes only. If you are a copyright owner of a photo that appears on our website, please email us at feedtheskreed[at]gmail[dot]com with a link to the photo and we will remove it immediately.

Images posted are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.)


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